JabaSat Mobility SATCOM

• Tracks satellites at any vehicle speed
• Compatible with wide-beam and HTS Ku-band services
• GEO/LEO interoperability
• Supports broadcast-quality streaming
• Low-Profile Satellite Broadband Antennas
• High spectral efficiency (up to 2 bits/Hz)
• Mounts on standard vehicle roof racks
• No wasted time to deploy or stow
• Discreet, ultra-low profile at only 4.3″ high

<li>Operating Band: Ku-band</li>
<li>Constellations: GEO and LEO</li>
<li>Satellite Services: Commercial; wide beam, HTS and XTS</li>
<strong>Tracking and Agility</strong>
<li>Initial Acquisition: 60 seconds (cold start)</li>
<li>Re-acquisition After 3-minute Blockage: &lt;1 second</li>
<li>Azimuth Coverage: 360° continuous</li>
<li>Elevation Coverage: +90° to +10° (depending on network)</li>
<li>Beam Agility: Up to 100°/sec and 300°/sec2</li>
<li>Tracking Accuracy: &lt;0.2°</li>
<li>Mobility: Maintains connectivity at highway speeds</li>
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JabaSat Mobility SATCOM, Terminales confiables y de alto rendimiento para plataformas aéreas, terrestres y marítimas.

JabaSat ,ofrece un conjunto avanzado de terminales satelitales en movimiento (SOTM) probadas sobre el terreno para plataformas aerotransportadas, marítimas y terrestres. Nuestros terminales de alto rendimiento y líderes en el mercado brindan conectividad de banda ancha rápida y confiable para aplicaciones en vuelo (IFC), marítimas, de defensa y empresariales.



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